jeD tlhoy' Pipe

jeD tlhoy' Pipe
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huitong le' yoDSutlIj naQ co., Ltd 'ej supplier productive laSvargh wey je equipped noy jungwoq jeD tlhoy' pipe manufacturer je targhHom veDDaq noch tlhoy' jeD pipe exporter je seller, SoH ghaH je' reH yI'el maH 'ej pipe, 'ugh-tlhoy' pipes, 'ugh tlhoy' pipe 'ej tube, 'ugh tlhoy' seamless yoDSutlIj naQ pipe tlhoy' wholesale laHlIj jen 'ugh vo' laSvargh.

emerged htongsteel je wa' QoQ 'IH lIng taS Dev provider Hoch jeD tlhoy' Pipe requirements. wa' largest exporters & jeD tlhoy' Pipe qaStaHvIS jungwoq distributors. widely lo' products qaStaHvIS law' yotlh batlhchaj qabDaj juH 'ej net Har: ngIlbe'. Hoch department bopummeH pup management 'ej fully automate production so as to Products laHlIj nIvbogh Prompt chavmoH 'ej offer Clients.


outer Diameter:

13.7-711.2 mm

tlhoy' Thickness:

1.2-30 mm


3-12 m

motlh lIng:

american asme b36.10m, astm, api 5 l, api 5 ct

japanese jis

german DIN

chinese gb

motlh bs.

grade 'ej Hap 'u'.

astm a53, a106, a210, a252, a333 etc.

x_42, x_46, x_52, x_60, x_65, x 70 etc.

jis stpg42, g3454, g3456 etc;

german st37, st42, st45, st52, din1626, din17175.

chinese 20 vIlopQo' jay', q345, 16mn.

le' specifications:

lupoQ according to customer requirements 'ej quantity.

tu'lu'bej megh'an:

bertlham, joHvaD bertlham, varnish pagh chel mep yuvtlhe' cha' pItlh as per requirements customer Qan beveled.

treatment ghor:

oiled nItebHa' maDIj, mangoH, galvanized, phosphate etc ragh bot.


widely lo' neH mechanical treatment yotlh, petrochemical industry, yotlh lup construction je.

ordinary ngoQ structural mechanic structural ngoQ, example qaStaHvIS yotlh construction, 'ej fulcrum SIQ etc;

transportation jInmol luch tIn, example lup bIQ, oil, SIp etc 'ej fluids.

laH lo' neH 'eS 'ej medium joH rop boiler fluids, QInvam example SeS tube, tIn tube tlhIch, mach tlhIch tube, tube etc generating, transportation.


iso9001-2000 api, 5 l certificate.


SoH ghaH wejDIch ghom wey (bv, sgs etc) Qav products laHlIj check inspecting ngeH yI'el.

wabmey payment:

l ghap [taH, d ghap mach, d ghap p, rut ghap rut, western DIvI'.

delivery poH

10-15 jaj qaSpu'DI' rut ghap rut l/c joq deposit Hev.


latlh motlh laH lIng maH je requirement customers.

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