Sales stainless yoDSutlIj naQ sus304l tuj jungwoq tach

product Details

ngaQHa'moHwI'mey Specifications ghap le' Features:

· motlh: astm, aisi, DIN, vI, gb, jis
· Daq mung: shanghai, jungwoq (Mainland)
· ghantoH mI': sus304l
· Segh: Welded
Grade yoDSutlIj naQ ·: 300 Series
· application: Decoration construction
· certification: iso
· welding tlhegh Segh: erw
· thickness: 3-800 mm
· outer diameter: 3-800 mm
· grade: 201,202,301,304,316, 316 l, 430 je neH.
·surface: 2d, 2b, rIn, 8 k neSlo' ba, jIb tlhegh, no.1, no.4.
pong product: sus304l stainless yoDSutlIj naQ tach
stardard aisi, sus, gb, jis, astm, DIN etc
grade200,300, 400series, 201, 202, 301, 303, 304, 304 l, 309s, 310s, 316, 316 l.

321,410,430, etc.
diameter1 ghap 4 ''-4 '' 'ab: according to requirement client
cham:wov, Polished, (peeled), Hab tlhe' Brush, mill, pickled etc.
packHol package, bundled export pagh poQlu'. inner size

below chom: 20 ft gp: 5.9m(length) x 2.13m(width) x2.18m (jen) vIHtaHbogh 24-26cbm 40 ft gp: 11.8m(length)x2.13m(width) x 2.18 m (jen) vIHtaHbogh 54cbm 40 ft hg: 11.8m(length) x 2.13m(width) x 2.72 m (jen) vIHtaHbogh 68cbm
wabmey payment: L/C, RUT GHAP MUDVO'
laHlIjchemical compostion mechanicalproperty 'ej certifications laH offer maH
applicationHablI'-chenmoH industry, chemical industry, industry architecture Duj.
Soj industry, household products je ngaj.

primary Competitive 'utmo' Dujvam:

  • chavmoH

  • mach tlham, laj

  • brand-pong 'ay'

  • Sep mung

  • SIQpu'bogh naQ

  • guarantee ghap Warranty

  • international Approvals

  • 'ay'

  • laHlIj Approvals

  • malja'chaj

malja''e' 'elbogh Export:

  • asia

  • australasia

  • central ghap south america

  • eastern europe

  • mid chan ghap africa

  • north america

  • western europe

payment Details:

  • payment wabmey: rut ghap t(30% deposite)

  • minimum tlham:1 tons (u.s.)

delivery Details:


  • FOB Range:u.s. $ 3000-u.s. $ 4500 per unit (Tons ((us)))

  • poH Dev:10 - 25 days

  • Carton Dimensions l ghap w ghap h: export5.69 × 2.13 × 2.18 meters

  • Carton ngI' export:20 metric Tonnes


vIHtaHbogh maHvaD

fittings requirements emerged QoQ 'IH lIng wa' taS Dev provider Hoch yoDSutlIj naQ pipe, yoDSutlIj naQ jengva', tach yoDSutlIj naQ je yoDSutlIj naQ pipe je htongsteel. wa' largest exporters je stainless yoDSutlIj naQ Pipe, stainless yoDSutlIj naQ jengva' je stainless yoDSutlIj naQ tach qaStaHvIS jungwoq distributors. widely lo' products qaStaHvIS law' yotlh batlhchaj qabDaj juH 'ej net Har: ngIlbe'. Hoch department bopummeH pup management 'ej fully automate production so as to Products laHlIj nIvbogh Prompt chavmoH 'ej offer Clients.

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